Closing the orgasm gap

Vulvas – unite!

As the president of the Icelandic Sexology Association I partake in various conferences. Oh how I love me some good ol´conferences!

I recently presented at the annual Nordic Associations of Clinical Sexology conference in Trondheim, Norway. My talk was on how to understand female pleasure in relation to the current and past culture and I talked about things such as the pink tax, the orgasm gap and how important it is for us to change the way we discuss sex and enjoy it with a partner.

A question I got from one member of the audience afterwards „do you need to castrate the penis?“

To which I replied: No, I quite like the penis. My thing is just that it is not enough. It is not what it is all about. RUB THE CLITORIS. Mic drop.

Hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Marte Andersen Jacobsen on 15. október 2017

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