Dómur kynferðisafbrotamanns (á ensku)

Iceland: A judge just sentenced a man to eight years in prison for sexually and physically abusing his female partner for a period of over two years. Not only did the man abuse his partner but he also got other men to have sex with her, men that were strangers. He also taped and photographed […]

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Tony Shoes 111 Red Pair

Shopping and bar hopping for… shoes?

(before I put on my uniform, black skirt and white shirt) I am working in the store today. I must say, even though it is an adult shop, having the walls painted white and a section that focuses on books and educational dvds really makes a difference. It doesn’t feel creepy like some adult stores sometimes do…like the […]

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Female Ejaculation (saflát)

I did a bit on squirting on a local radio station here in Perth last week. Nothing Howard Stern-ish, just plain talk with a casual intellectual name drop here and there. Its just so funny how ejaculation seems to be bigger than life, these days. Maybe its because men feel that they can finally “flush […]

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